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Kevin Tavares

"I've been passionate about film and photography since I was a teenager, from making home videos with my brothers to creating full content on YouTube. With my tech-savvy background, I find inspiration in many modern films. I take a well-rounded approach to my projects, and I always strive to expand my skill set as I work towards becoming well-recognized in the entertainment industry. Although I hold a degree in Business Administration, I'm very glad I studied Audio Recording, Sound  Technology and Photography in my college days: they helped me build the foundation to keep doing what I love."

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Brenden Morales
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"Having been raised in New York City, I've always been surrounded by passionately-made art in all its forms. I never fail to find something eye-catching as I walk through the city. I guess you can say that passion rubbed off on me; watching others unleash their creativity inspired me to do the same. Videography became my chosen medium because I can capture not just moments and physical spaces, but emotions as well. It is a creative outlet that has allowed me to express myself, and I hope that my work inspires others to express themselves creatively as well. Without art, I don't know where I would be."

Founders. Videographers. Photographers. Editors. 

Abdul Ahmed

"Growing up in a family full of doctors and as a first-generation college student, I was always questioned as to why in the world I’d choose a boring office job where I'd simply hide behind a cubicle and avoid human interaction. On the contrary, my career path has proven to be FAR from boring. While I've always been drawn to math and crunching numbers, it was very important to me that I had the opportunity to work collaboratively. Shortly after graduate school, I landed my first accounting job in the media and entertainment industry. It was in this job that I was able to build physical connections with clients and make a greater difference in their financial outcomes. My experience serving media clients allowed me to diversify my skills and expand my financial knowledge, and I am ready to use this knowledge to make a greater impact each and every day."

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Cara Jones
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"While I’ve never been the type of person to write a song or shoot a film, I find immense joy in building the tools which help creatives reach their full potential. I wrote my college essay about my love for New York City’s music scene, and it was this love that inspired me to pursue a degree in International Business with a minor in Music Industry. My college experience helped me travel to eleven countries and gave me opportunities to work in consulting in Los Angeles, in media technology in San Francisco, and in the non-profit sector in London. I bring a worldly, human-centered perspective to my work, and I am eager to synthesize my skills in branding, marketing and analytics to create unbeatable content for Silverfade Media and our clients."

Financial Director. Budget Analyst. Producer.  

Brand Manager. Digital Strategist. Data Analyst.



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Dominick Alexander

Booking Agent. Talent Scout. Graphic Designer.